Best Manual Food Processors

Readers of my website have asked me to create a top list for manual food processors.I recently covered the The 7 Best Food Processors and made a Side by Side Comparison Table. In this post I am going to list the top food processors which can only be used manually and WHY you should buy them.

Some of you might think, why should I buy a manual food processor if an electric processor does the work for me. First using a food processor is extremely convenient. You just put the food into the work-bowl and start processing. Second, manual food processors do not need any electricity for food processing. So you can take the processor with you for example when you go camping. Third, manual food processors are much cheaper than their electric compagnions. They provide a great alternative and are also much healthier for our environment.

You can find our top-list below:

The Best Manual Food Processors For Most People

1) Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

Chef'n VeggiChop Hand Food Processor Chord
Chef’n VeggiChop Hand Food Processor Chord

Our top pick  is the VeggiChop from Chef’n. This manual food processor comes with a large work-bowl that can chop larger sized fruites, vegetables, boneless meats, nuts, herbs and even ice.

To chop the ingredients you simply put them into the container and lock the lid. Then you pull the cord several times to spin the blade. The sharp disc will chop the ingredients. The VeggiChop from Chef’n is perfect for making pesto, hummus, salsa or guacamole.

The food processor comes with an extra lid to store processed food. All parts are dishwasher safe, so you can easily wash the processor after use.

The VeggiChop from Chef’n is our top pick, because it provides everything that you wish a manual food processor should have. The cord and the spin mechanism are of high quality so you can manually process lots of food. The VeggiChop is also super small so that you can simply put it into a bag or store it in a small camping kitchen.

2) ZYLISS Easy Pull Manual Food Processor

Zyliss Easy Pull Food Chopper
Zyliss Easy Pull Food Chopper

Our second pick is the Easy Pull from Zyliss. The processor comes with a multi-blade that can chop your ingredients in minutes. The so called “Booster arms” – which can be found on the top and on the bottom – prevent food from sticking on the work-bowl.

The Easy Pull processor is very handy in its design and is great for travel, small kitchens or camping. Zyliss points out that you can make spicy salsa in 5 pulls, perfect pesto in 8 pulls and savory smoothies in 12 pulls.

Zyliss even provides a 5 year guarantee for the food processor, which make this chopper an attractive buy. As with our other picks, the Easy Pull has dishwasher save parts.

Compared to our first pick is the Easy Pull a much smaller food processor. Even though you get 5 years of warranty from Zyliss, the price of the food processor is much higher. However, this might be worth it if something breaks in your food processor. We put the Easy Pull on the second place as it also has less accessoires.

3) Salsa Master Manual Food Processor

Salsa Master Manual Food Processor with Handle
Salsa Master Manual Food Processor with Handle

Our third pick is the Salsa Master Manual Food Processor. Compared to the other two processors can this food chopper used by turning the handle.

Similar to the other two processors is this food chopper compact in size and comes with a sharp chopping blade. Beside Salsa you can use this processor for other recipes such as pesto or hummus. The Salsa Master even comes with an included recipe handbook.

Compared to the other two picks is the Salsa Master a cheap alternative. It does not come with much accesoires besides the manual food processor. Still we think that it provides extremely good value for money.

4) Starfrit Manual Food Processor

 Starfrit Manual Food Processor
Starfrit Manual Food Processor

Our final pick is the manual food processor from Starfrit. The chopper comes with a stainless steel handle, which makes the processor extremely robust. The high quality japanese chopping blade ensures cutting through vegetables, fruites, nuts or meat.

The whisk ensures a homogeneous mixture of the ingredients and the nonslip rubber base supports the mixing process. All parts can be put into the dishwasher.

The Manual Food Processor from Starfrit just works! It comes with no extras and provides good value for money.

The Best All-In One Manual Food Processors

Below we compare manual food processors that come with a large variaty of extras and accessoires. These kitchen helpers come with All-In One processing extras to chop, blend, whip, mix, slice, shred, julienne and juice.

Ultra Chef Express Manual Food Chopper

Ultra Chef Express Manual Food Chopper
Ultra Chef Express Manual Food Chopper

Our first pick of the All-In One Food Processor solutions is the Ultra Chef Express Manual Food Chopper. It includes a triple curved edgge Samurai chopping blade, whipping blade and a citrus juicer.

Besides the usual mechanical processing mechanism you get an egg white seperator, storage lid, slicer, julienne, and shredder inserts. Furthermore, a food processor recipe booklet is included.

We choose the Ultra Chef Express Manual Food Chopper as our first pick as this product comes with a high quality food processor and a lot of extras. All these accessoires make it a great kitchen helper!

SHINKODA SK-2000E All In One

SHINKODA SK-2000E All In One
SHINKODA SK-2000E All In One

Our second pick is the SK-2000E All In One from SHINKODA. This All-In-One kitchen mate comes with a chopper, grater and slicer set, blender, citrus juicer, salad spinner and egg separator. That means that you can do a LOT of stuff with one kitchen helper.

All the included extras are detachable and dishwasher safe. What we also like is that SHINKODA manifactured all parts BPA free to ensure complete safety.

This All-In-One processor is our second pick as we feel that the quality is not that high as with #1.


Manual food processors are a great alternative to their electric counterparts. Especially, when using them for camping or with other outdoor activities. Still we noticed that there are mainly two different groups of food processors: The “single processor”  and the “All-In-One kitchen helpers”. Both products have their advantages – like small easy to use and great designed – and disadvantages – a lot of different parts and storage. Still we think that a manual food processor is a must-have in every kitchen and provides a lot of covenience for cooking.

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