Best Commercial Food Processors

If you are either a chef, kitchen lover or own a restaurant you may prepare a lot of food for many people on a daily basis. You definitely have thought about in the past, how a food processor can make your everyday cutting life easier.

In our first post we introduced the 7 best food processors for homes. In this post we are going to show the top food processors for commercial use.

We will evaluate the processors by the regular criteria easiness to use, intuitive design, functionality and price. Furthermore, we are going to look at specific facts, which are usually relevant for restaurants or large kitchens, such as cup size, speed of processing and easiness to clean.

Let`s dive into our evaluation of the best commercial food processors:

Types of Commercial Food Processors

ImageFood Processor ModelCustomer ReviewsShipping Weight (in pounds)Item Weight (in pounds)Product DimensionsPriceOur RatingLinks to REVIEWS
51LwECcIw0L KitchenAid KFP1642OB Onyx Black Pro Line 16-cup Food Processor 4.828.5 35.112 x 9 x 18 inches$7,4Checkout 28 reviews on Amazon.
51LwECcIw0L Robot Coupe R2N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor with 3 Quart Bowl - 120V 4.831 31.420 x 16.8 x 21.9 inches$$$9,8Checkout 17 reviews on Amazon.
51LwECcIw0L Waring Commercial FP2200 Batch Bowl and Continuous-Feed Food Processor, 6-Quart 0.061.6 76.712 x 16 x 26.5 inches$$$9,5Checkout several reviews on Amazon.
51LwECcIw0L Robot Coupe R301B Commercial Food Processor 0.029 33.412 x 16 x 26.5 inches$$$$7,4Checkout several reviews on Amazon.
51LwECcIw0L Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl Food Processor with LiquiLock Seal System, 3-1/2-Quart 3.517 20.511.5 x 10.1 x 16 inches$$$8,2Checkout 32 reviews on Amazon.

Top 3 Commercial Food Processors

Above we have listed several options for commercial food processors in our comparison table above. Below are our top 3 picks.

#1 Robot Coupe R2N

Robot Coupe R2N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor
Robot Coupe R2N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor

The Robot Coupe R2N is our top pick. If you have a restaurant or run a food truck, you might process a lot of food on a daily basis. The Robot Coupe R2N will satisfy your needs.

This food processor is able to prepare 2000 servings in under 3 hours. You can set the speed as ever you want and the large H2 Motor can shred nearly everything.

The Robot Coupe R2N is very quiet and has a lot of safety features in place. For example you cannot operate the food processor without the work bowl.

The processor comes with shredding/slicing/mincing assembly that can easily be put on the motor base. The knifes and the work bowl are locked on the base, but the feed chute and pushers don’t have to lock. So you can easily process large amounts of ingredients.

One of the finest things with this processor is the outfeed, which can be openend to put a container under it to collect all the sliced or shredded output.

However, even if the R2N can handle large amounts of food its accessoires cost a lot. For example you pay for extra blades to slice or  julienne up to 80 bucks.

The Robot Coupe R2N is one of the best commercial food processors on the market. This food processor is clearly for every high-performance kitchen who want to have a reliable and easy to use kitchen application.


#2 Waring Commercial FP2200

Waring Commercial FP2200 Batch Bowl and Continuous-Feed Food Processor
Waring Commercial FP2200 Batch Bowl and Continuous-Feed Food Processor

Our second pick is the Commercial FP2200 Batch Bowl and Continuous-Feed Food Processor from Waring. This commercial great food processor is nearly as good as our first pick, so you might wonder why be put it on the second place. Let`s dive in.

The FP2200 has a commercially graded 3/4 HP High Performance motor. This motor is built to just do the job!

The super large feed tube reduces the preparation time for the processed ingredients. You can feed it with up to 22 square inches of feed space. The touch pad controls have the common programms such as on, off and pulse and you can control the speed.

What we particular like is that the FP2200 has two great safety features. First you cannot use the food processor if the work-bowl is not interlocked on the motor block. Secondly, if you overload the FP2200 there is a safety button, which prevents the food processor from running.

All the pieces of the FP2200 are made of high quality materials starting at the druable lexan work-bowl and going to the robust slicing and shredding knifes.

As our first pick also the FP2200 comes with a continuous feed attachment and a batch bowl. One of the largest disadvantages is that this food processor has very expensive accessoires.

Our resumee is that the FP2200 is a more expensive alternative to the Robot Coupe R2N. However, the opinions are here split, some might argue that this food processor is a better alternative to #1, some argue that it is not as reliable as our top pick. We think that it is extremely close, but still put it on #2 place.

See below how starchef Aaron Siegel is using the FP2200 from Waring:


#3 KitchenAid KFP1642OB Onyx Black Pro Line

KitchenAid KFP1642OB Onyx Black Pro Line 16-cup Food Processor
KitchenAid KFP1642OB Onyx Black Pro Line 16-cup Food Processor

Our final pick is the KitchenAid KFP1642OB Onyx Black Pro Line. This food processor is based on the original 1937 Stand Mixer astethitic and is our cheapest pick. Still it is in particular useful for commercial use.

The KFP1642OB has a large 16-cup work bowl and a wide feed tube. Similar to #1 and #2 you do not have t

o pre-process our ingredients and safe a lot of time to prepare everyhthing for the food processor.

The food processor has the standart safety mechanism by KitchenAid, such as not turning on if the work-bowl isn`t locked or showing if you overloaded the processor.

The processor comes with several blades such as for slicing and dicing. With the KitchenAid specific ExactSlice System you can optimize the speed and process thicker or thinner food.

Some readers might argue now, that the KitchenAid KFP1642OB Onyx Black Pro Line is particularly well for hobby-cooks, who like to own professional equipment. We think that you are right. However, for large professional kitchens  we recommend our #1 or #2 pick, because the most important factor here is  reliability, which both picks support quite well.


Features To Look for in a Commercial Food Processor

When buying a food processor for your restaurant or small kiosk you have to keep several things in mind before deciding on your new kitchen application.

High-Performance Motors: Commercial grades motors can usually handle large kitchen jobs. The requirement for such motors is to handle a lot of slices or cuts.

Cooled motor: The finest commercial food processors have a fan-cooled motor. We haven`t seen any model yet, which is water cooled. Still a cooled motor is an important requirement for a food processor.

Intuitive controls: Controls are easy to use and you can access them quickly

Cleaning: Its always hectic in a professional kitchen. Cleaning your food processor is a daily vital task. So you should look at dishwasher safe attachments, which are easy to remove

Safety features: If you are using the food processor on a daily basis, safety is an important part of it. When looking for a commercial food processor, have a clear look at features like a reset button or an safety interlock to prevent the machine from running if it is not assembled correctly.

Accessories: Look out for further attachments like an s-blade or grating discs. These will make your live on a daily basis easier.

High-Quality Work-Bowl: The work bowl will be used for every processing. It is the heart of a well made food processor. The best and highest quality work-bowls are made of unbreakable polycarbonate or even stainless steel.

Capacity: As you will process a lot of ingredients, the capacity of the work-bowl is another important aspect for commercial food processors. However, we thinks that it is one of the last things to look at, since the above written features will compensate for a smaller work-bowl in terms of speed and reliability of your commercial food processor.

Caring for An Industrial Food Processors

Proper caring is the basis of a long-lasting food processor. This not only goes for food processors that are good for home, but also for commercial food processors.

There are some basic types for maintenance and cleaning, which will keep your food processor running and long-lasting for years:

Regular sized pieces: Do not overload your food processor. Nearly all commercial food processors have a feature to change the speed of the motor. So you choose the right horsepower and capacity for the types of ingredients that are being processed in your kitchen.

Clean regularly: It is ultimately recommended to clean yuor food processor after processing food. We think that is definitely too much, but cleaning the machine before and after using it helps to keep it sanitary and in better working order.

Dull blades: In large kitchens, a lot of food and a variety of ingredients are  processed on a daily basis. Hence, blades can get dull or do not cut any more. With all our commercial food processor picks there are replacement parts included. We highly recommend that you change them regularly to improve the life of your food processor.

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