The TOP 5 Blenders From Cuisinart

If you are not a passionate cook who need a real, professional food processor, but still like to have a help in preparing a food, blender is a great choice for you. You can prepare smoothies, or soups, or even cocktails in it for just a few minutes. No more mess around, no more pre-cut, just place ingredients in a blender and your drink is ready!

If you have already had a blender, then you know how it is helpful, but if you didn’t, it is a time to get one.

Why You Should Buy a Cuisinart Blender

If you have decided to buy a blender, you should certainly take into account a quality brand such as Cuisinart. You will not regret, that is sure. This company is well known for its quality and durable products that will serve you for many years. Its products, especially blenders are the top-class products. Cuisinart invests a lot in the innovation and design of its products.

Customers are always in the first place, complaints are rare and products are really special. Many awards that Cuisinart has got speak all about its dedication to ensuring customers’ satisfaction. Take a look which models of blenders this company offers. You will certainly find one for you.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Having A Blender From Cuisinart


  • Quality products at acceptable prices
  • Many different models of blenders
  • Excellent design and durability


  • Sometimes higher prices than of competitors
  • Occasionally slower customer service#
  • Some models are available at an extremely low price
  • Quality products
  • Excellent design and durability
  • Lots of different blender models available
  • High quality products
  • Sometimes higher price than at competitors f.ex.: KitchenAid
  • Customer Service tend to be slow

Cuisinart Blenders Comparison Table

ImageBlender ModelCustomer ReviewsShipping Weight (in pounds)Item Weight (in pounds)Product DimensionsPriceOur RatingLinks to REVIEWS
51LwECcIw0L Cuisinart CBT-700FR Die-Cast 700-Watt Blender3.9311.77.6 x 9.6 x 10.2 inches$$7,0Checkout 13 reviews on Amazon.
51LwECcIw0L Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane 2.25 Peak hp Blender 4.49.8 9.89.5 x 11.2 x 16.4 inches$$$9,3Checkout 88 reviews on Amazon.
51LwECcIw0L Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge 1.3 Horsepower Blender3.72 10.88.4 x 10.4 x 14.6 inches$$9,0Checkout 221 reviews on Amazon.
51LwECcIw0L BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet Blender & Food Processor Glass Jar Chrome 3.82 10.88.4 x 10.4 x 14.6 inches$$9,7Checkout 533 reviews on Amazon.
51LwECcIw0L Cuisinart PowerBlend 600 SPB-10CH 600 Watt 1.75 Quart Table Top Blender4.010.2 9.8 8.4 x 6.8 x 15.5 inches$$7,2Checkout 180 reviews on Amazon.

The Top 5 Blenders From Cuisinart

Here you can see top five blenders from Cuisinart. It will be hard to decide which one to choose since all are really great. However, when you read which features they have, maybe you will be easier to see which one of them the best suit your needs. Take a look.

Cuisinart CBT-700FR Die-Cast 700-Watt

Cuisinart CBT-700FR Die-Cast 700-Watt
Cuisinart CBT-700FR Die-Cast 700-Watt

Have you noticed this elegant design and practical buttons for each function? Really great, isn’t it? A Cuisinart CBT-700FR Die-Cast has a 700-Watt of blending power, which will be enough to prepare you any drink for a few minutes. Its die-cast metal housing has backlit functions and it is very stable. It will not move a bit while working. Also, in its 56-ounce jar, made of glass, you can prepare almost everything, from tasty smoothies to gourmet soups and sauces. For more help, there are also the measuring marks. This will help you a lot, you will see. Now you can pour milk or water directly in a jar. No more need to separately measure or pour approximately. It’s all there, just read, place ingredients, push a button and it’s done!

As you see, there is a single button for each function, and also a high, low and a pulse function. Also, there is a possibility to pre-programmed Smoothie function and a built-in Count-Up Timer to check how long your drink is preparing with beep after 3-minute of blending time. The news is a Power6 Turbo-Edge blade, which is designed to crush ice, to puree and mix with maximum efficiency. Of course, for your better user experience, all parts are dishwasher safe and easy to assemble.

Customers are simply delighted. The only complaint, as few customers said, is that a device can overheat, so you have to wait until it cools to start up again. However, others customers didn’t notice this. Well, either way, this is nothing in compare what you will get if you choose to buy this marvelous model.

Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane

Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane
Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane

A Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane blender has a professional powerful 2.25 peak HP motor that can handle any pulverizing tasks, even heavy. Its double housing design provides quiet work and stability, while a capacity of 60oz. of its BPA-free Tritan Jar allows you to prepare greater portions of food. A jar has soft grip handle and the measuring marks for easier use. This model also has pre-programmed Smoothie & Ice Functions. In addition, you can choose Low and High speeds or Pulse function. Product Dimensions are 9.5 x 11.2 x 16.4 inches and its Weight is 9.8 pounds. It can fit any countertop and you can easily wash it manually or in the dishwasher. Really great model in which you can make your favorite smoothie or maybe margaritas for your guests.

For quality don’t worry. If you ask any customer what he thinks about it, you will hear only words of praise. You will also get a limited 3-Year Warranty and Recipes are included too. Prepare every day new drink for you and your family and friends.

Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge

Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge 1.3 Horsepower Blender
Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge 1.3 Horsepower Blender

A Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge is one more excellent model of Cuisinart’s blenders. It is powerful, elegantly designed and durable. As others model, this model also has a pre-programmed Smoothie, Ice Crush, and Pulse functions, as well as Low and High Speeds. The simple control panel has backlit buttons, count-up timer, and standby mode. With powerful 1.3 Horsepower and die-cast metal housing, it will work quietly, stand stable and perfectly finish a job for a few moments. Its BPA Free Tritan co-polymer lidded jar has a capacity of 64-ounce and helpful measuring marks.

This model is ideal for everyone who wants to reduce a time of preparing a drinks or soups, and especially tasty smoothies. It is simply perfect for everyday use. This model not just to look great, but is very easy to use and even easier to clean because all parts are dishwasher safe.

Product Dimensions are 8.4 x 10.4 x 14.6 inches, while Weight is 2 pounds. It will fit on any countertop, will be your best friend in the kitchen and will serve you many years.

Cuisinart BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet

Cuisinart BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet
Cuisinart BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet
A Cuisinart BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet Blender & Food Processor is really something. It will provide you all that you might need. It is not just a blender, but also food processor that can do all. Its 350-watt combination unit will save you a space on countertop and in the same time will perform a wide range of cooking tasks. In its 40-ounce glass blender jar, you can prepare smoothies, soups, margaritas, frozen drinks and if you like more, just place a 3 cups food processor bowl instead of a jar and prepare everything else you like. It has touch pad control with indicator lights and seven speeds, of which one is for ice crushing and one for food processing. A package includes one standard blade and one slicing and shredding disc.

This model is excellent for everyday home cooks. Some customers claim that it is not so quiet and that the replacement parts are more expensive than expected, but most of the customers are satisfied.

Dimensions are 6.5 x 6 x 16 inches and Weight is 10 lbs. You will also get a 3-year limited warranty.

Cuisinart PowerBlend 600 SPB-10CH

Cuisinart PowerBlend 600 SPB-10CH
Cuisinart PowerBlend 600 SPB-10CH

A Cuisinart PowerBlend 600 SPB-10CH has a classic design, a 600-watt motor, 7 pre-programmed speed controls, LED indicators and a crush ice function. Its large 56-ounce glass jar includes clear 2-ounce measured pour lid and it is dishwasher safe. You can pulse, stir, mix, puree, chop, liquefy or crush ice with a simple touch of a button.

Product Dimensions are 8.4 x 6.8 x 15.5 inches and weight is 10.2 pounds. Customer reviews differ. Some praise it, some have complaints, mainly that it cannot blend a drink at once because remain large pieces of food, so must repeatedly blend again until all ingredients become compact.

Which one Should You Buy

It is hard to decide which one of the presented models to choose when they all are so great. You will probably pick the one that likes you the most, since their functions are very similar. They all are powerful and functional, nicely designed and durable.

However, among them, maybe the best one, with a lot of features, could be a Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge. It is simply the perfect combination of high style and high tech, which will provide you really excellent user experience that you will never think to change it with any other model. It looks great, it is powerful, nicely designed and simply amazing. With its pre-programmed Smoothie, Ice Crush and Pulse functions, it will blend you tasty smoothies, frozen drinks or crush ice so easy, so quietly and so quickly that you will be delighted.



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